A moment of thought. The Diamond.

My phone’s alarm clock went off precisely at 3:30, just as planned.  I pulled my bivy sack down from my eyes, and strained to open my mind.  My body was tired from the day before when Sean and I had a scary yet successful ascent of Curving Vine, today we were looking to get on Pervertical Sanctuary. Already I had more than accomplished my summer long alpine goal. Why get up and do it again?  I’m so safe right now, right here, in this warm bag, under these bright stars. I am so comfortable.

Do I really want to get up and do it all again? 

Elevation? Chopping steps? Rock fall?!? The North Chimney?

Do I want to do it all again?

 Simul climbing? Sketchy soloing? Belaying, climbing, rappelling, falling, finding, trying?

I fought off my predawn inhibitions.  I stood up and stretched to feel my own weight, to feel my own breath, my own presence.  I boiled some water and ate some quinoa. Then came a moment of clarity:

Do I want to do it all again? Of course. There is no where else I would rather be, and nothing else I would rather be doing. I am here, and it is perfect.

Throw on the TC Pros, its Time To Send.


(Remember, ya’ll can click a photo to enlarge)




About butlerbt

I am a full time year round mountain guide. I climb rock, ice, snow, and plastic. I ski deep pow and shred steep couloirs. Please, enjoy my ramblings and pictures as I do: freely. - BTB
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